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An Uncommon Courtesy Reveals Bad Design

May 29, 2007

Bathroom seat lifted before sensor

Champaign-Urbana Amtrak Station’s Men’s Room (2 urinals, 2 stalls)

I was surprised/confused to see the rare courtesy of a public Men’s Room toilet seat lifted, except the bowl was full of urine. Who makes the effort to raise a set and then not flush? Maybe the automatic flush is broken? Following a few questions I noticed the raised seat obstructing the automatic flush sensor!

I lowered the seat, immediatly triggering the flush mechanism.

Bathroom seat lifted before sensor

Following the discovery in stall #1 I went into stall #2 to see if this flaw was consistent. Stall #2 featured a sensor above the actual toilet, allowing the automatic system to function regardless of the seat’s position.

I eagerly share this design flaw with my companion, a finance person who expressed more disgust than the (anticipated) giddyness I was hoping for.

Bathroom seat lifted before sensor