My favorite images from the week:

I was in a local pharmacy and immediatly located Kristine’s first Valentines Day treat:

M&M green full display
Green + Chocolate + M&M’s = Kristine happy

M&M green (detail)

My interest in finding a small bag for mobile devices and a notebook were renewed when I purchased an iPhone last week. I have become frustrated with my large Timbuk2 bag; it is too big for my current situation – it was perfect for all-day UIUC treks across multiple departments. I have been unable to successfully locate a small bag for mobile devices (no laptops welcome) until Kristine found a great bag from a local Forest Park shop, modified the strap, and then 2 Day expressed the bag and a box of Downy dryer sheets to me!!!

Images of the Downy box (featuring Kristine’s turtletoons) and the bag are forthcoming.
Kristine sewing
Kristine sewing a new strap onto my new bag to contain my mobiles on urban adventures.

To Kristine’s left is a relatively new coffee table Stanley has been trying to summit…

Stanley on coffee table!
and he did!

Kristine’s favorite green sweater became Stanley’s object of desire for a moment, but first he had to obtain the garment.

Stanley reaching for sweater
and he did!

Underdog has nothing on this pup:

Stanley as Supeerman
Kristine helping adjust Stanley’s superhero cape.

Stanley's cape in the wind

After a long day of flying around with green superhero cape, Stanley decided to rest for a bit before future adventures!

Stanley sleeping z z Z
z z Z

Following Stanley’s visits to his grandparents home, he returns as a plump, well-nourished, 19lb pug.

Stanley going under the couch.
Entering the space between the floor and the couch, once an effortless task, now requires much scrambling and several breaks to recover his breath.

Eventually Stanley’s goal is accomplished and he lingers for some time, possibly realizing the energy expelled to be in the space demands an extended rest to justify the effort. Like all populations of migratory animals, Stanley returns to the comfort of home…

Stanley returning from the couch's under space
…the cycle will begin again…


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