iPod .0

original iPod

My current iPod’s hard drive -click wheel- died. No music, no files, no access. A Chicago Apple Genius demonstrated a new listening technique: placing my iPod against my ears to hear the spinning of my hard drive.

I used my iPod every day for three years, and received my money’s worth from the product; it survived numerous falls, bangs, and other assorted sudden impacts and less than ideal handling conditions.

While waiting to speak with a Genius, I watched them distribute shiny new iPods to customers with the slightest complaints…is this my lucky day? I tried every repair/recovery technique suggested by Apple, all failed.

Following the Genius’ evaluation of my machine, the Genius informed me that my Apple Care just expired. He tried to console me by explaining to me that that iPods are expected to last 3-4 years…then he notified me that it is my lucky day!  I can trade-in my defunct iPod for 10% off the purchase of a new iPod.

Leaving the store sulking, not knowing how to cope without my favorite luxury item, I remembered my original iPod from 2001 sitting at home unused in three years!


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